Is Your Rack Right for You?

March 31, 2014

Choosing the right material handling equipment for your operation is no easy task. And if you are looking to improve your operational efficiency through your storage abilities your need to take into account a lot of variables including your industry, product and methodologies.

Below are some questions to ask yourself when trying to create optimal flow for your company.

  1. Are you using the right rack or is bulk storage a better solution?
  2. Is your rack robust enough for your application?
  3. Do you have the right amount of rack?
  4. Do you have the correct amount of pallet positions racked?
  5. Do you have an efficient use of your space?
  6. Is structural better than roll formed?

At RMH Systems, our mission is to help you maximize your workspace while improving your company’s profitability. Give us a call today and we will provide your company a rack audit.